The Investor-Centered Select Publication Platform

Check the Ticker is the first online publication that covers the news of impact investing and ESG investing designed exclusively for the retail retirement investor. Our curriculum and publications empower retail retirement investors to make an informed choice for their retirement assets from a 401(k) to IRA. We make it easy for all levels and publish quarterly updates of performance returns and portfolio manager objectives of top performing ESG integration funds, passive and active. Our subscribers learn how to analyze fees and holdings based on SEC Disclosures to make investment choices that meet their beliefs, not an intermediary’s. With over $9 trillion in IRA assets, retirement investors, cumulatively, can make a difference in their future and society’s future. An in depth interactive curriculum, combined with daily news on ESG and impact investing designed exclusively for the retail retirement investor empowers transparency and informed choice.

✓ theTicker® publication platform is First and Only ESG Daily News Platform that Puts Retirement Investor First

Centered on the investor ✓ theTicker® publication platform identifies the best five performing mutual funds in three fund categories, including ESG Integration funds, based on SEC audited data and transparent analysis – giving you the tools and training you need to make the investment decisions that are in YOUR best interests, not the Advisor’s.  ESG investment selection is based on personal beliefs.  Only the retail retirement investor, with tools and training, can make those choices, with an understanding of how to analyze the individual holdings in their retirement accounts.  Our tools make it easy, our curriculum and daily news updates are there to guide you through the new world of ESG and impact investing.

While other publications and broker-dealers sell you what THEY are paid to sell -through 12(b)1 fees, rebates, commissions, assets under management fee etc. or publication revenue sharing; ✓ theTicker® revenues are investor subscriptions – nothing else!

Take charge, save fees and invest directly with a yearly subscription to Check the Ticker.

Learn – how and why to go direct

Easy to use online tools and a curriculum custom-designed around your needs that explore the most critical features that influence a retirement investment selection and the step-by-step process of going direct to audited money managers:

  • How much does an investment product cost?
  • What are the multiple types of fees for the product and/or its sales distribution costs?
  • Am I better off paying an annual assets under management fee to an “advisor”/sales intermediary or going direct to an SEC-audited manager?
  • What are the additional cost savings to my retirement savings if I remove the broker dealer platform, and how can I do this?
  • What is the investment objective of the money manager and why does it matter?
  • What does SEC audited performance mean and how can I eliminate the risks of using “advice” that is not measured by audited performance at the SEC?
  • What are the drawbacks of using a “robo advisor” and how to determine what matters most in balancing audited performance and all-in fees.

Retirement investors require independent, non-biased education. ✓ theTicker transparency, benchmarks and education are designed to assist you in verifying the “advice” your intermediary has provided, the costs savings and advantages of going direct and evaluating personal finance journalism, such as articles like “The Top Ten Funds for your Retirement.”  

Now, you’re in charge and you can determine the value of personal finance retirement reporting through a flipped classroom and an investor-centered select publication platform.

Invest – take charge, save fees

✓ theTicker takes you through a step-by-step process that empowers you to:

  • Select your retirement money manager ( an SEC filing registered investment company – mutual fund that is active or passive) using ✓ theTicker 6-Point Selection Criteria.
  • Place your money directly with your selected money manager, saving:
    • Omnibus accounting fees by eliminating redundant costs of broker-dealer platform
    • Sales and distribution fees
    • Conflicted advice that may put your life savings in a high fee, poorly performing mutual fund
    • Education fees by a mutual fund that pays the “advisor” to educate you on what to buy
    • Cyber security risks

Track – your portfolio wherever you are

With ✓ theTicker, you can watch your portfolio and compare your investment results against market benchmarks and other funds or ETF’s.

  • Understand your portfolio’s daily performance – with a summary of where your money is invested and easy to understand online charts and graphics.
  • Be confident your selected SEC-audited money manager(s) will handle all day-to-day market movements and “rebalancing” your account and know exactly what these portfolio trading costs are, before you invest– all consolidated in your online portfolio.
  • Receive statements and confirmations directly from your money manager, online or paper, at your option.
  • Eliminate cyber security risks and breach of confidential data that are compounded with multiple redundant intermediaries.
  • Protect your privacy and cyber security risks by accessing ✓ theTicker online portfolio tracking tools directly, not linked to your bank or brokerage accounts.
  • Know who the custodian of your retirement money is and who is managing your money; understand the benefits of a custodian who has a decade-long track record of safeguarding your life savings.
  • Receive online portfolio updates, and understand your money manager’s investment decisions through direct access to their website.

Small Business Retirement Plans with ✓ theTicker

✓ theTicker small business retirement curriculum modules and one-on-one set-up training, offer the first small business retirement plan on a direct basis. ✓ theTicker retirement modules offer the small business owner the opportunity to access the best value for their tax-deferred contributions, fiduciary access and an innovative employee health and wellness benefit at an affordable all-in cost.

Your new business grows, your retirement plan investments grow and your employee receives an invaluable training and empowerment for a lifetime, that benefits your business and society overall.

Small Business Retirement Plans with ✓ theTicker

 IRA Direct Investing with ✓ theTicker

Understanding the Cost Savings of Investing in Check the Ticker eLearning Modules, Flipped Classroom and use of the Investor-Centered Select Publication Platform

✓ theTicker is designed to empower IRA investors to take charge and ensure they are invested with:

  • The top U.S. SEC-audited money manager, with full transparency as to all costs and fees for using a broker dealer, broker and/or advisor.
  • Access to interactive tools and fact-based criteria for selecting this money manager for their IRA based on six established criteria
  • eLearning modules that instruct the retirement investor on how to access the best performing core retirement money managers on a direct basis.
  • eLearning modules that prepare the retirement investor to monitor these money managers in an online portfolio, with up to the minute news on their money manager and their retirement portfolio
Take charge, save fees and invest directly with a yearly subscription to Check the Ticker. SUBSCRIBE TODAY!