About Us

✓ theTicker® provides retirement investors with comprehensive fee analysis and audited performance transparency for all tax qualified plans, including 401ks, IRAs and HSAs. For the first time, retirement investors have a step-by-step factual data process to make an informed choice about who manages their retirement savings, measured against industry benchmarks and established regulatory safeguards.

An innovative, independent eLearning process, available for the first time using publicly available software, ✓ theTicker provides techniques to access professional analyst ratings of retirement products from research firms such as Morningstar, as well as direct links to audited performance of money managers at the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), to provide complete transparency as to fees and performance.

✓ theTicker provides the option, for the first time, to IRA investors and small business SEP and SIMPLE Plans, the step-by-step process to go DIRECT, eliminating the financial intermediary and the broker-dealer platform.  This alternative presents costs savings estimated at 3% annually, elimination of cyber-security risks and increased level of fiduciary protection, without retirement funds held in brokerage accounts mandating industry-sponsored mandatory arbitration.

✓ theTicker gathers together the SEC filings, analyst information and research which the busy retirement investor needs to select the best money manager with confidence.

✓ theTicker provides a roadmap for investors, based on factual industry criteria, and offers the transparency needed to make an informed choice.

What We Believe

With the proper tools and benchmarks, every retirement investor is capable of selecting core retirement investment options. With the advent of 401ks in the early 1980s, financial services firms created an ever-increasing dependency on their services, without adding value and operating in their interest, not the retirement investor’s.

Every retirement investor should analyze all the facts before making the decision as to who has the critical role of managing their life savings.

Lacking the information and tools to objectively evaluate investment options and sales and “advice” recommendations, retirement portfolios often include high fee, poor performing funds. ✓ theTicker delivers the independent tools, research and performance benchmark that empower informed choice.

New services and media are focusing now on the impact of high fees on retirement investors. ✓ theTicker is the first eLearning platform to focus also on the impact of performance and redundant fees, including excessive fees that derive from both intermediaries and broker dealer platforms. For the first time, retirement investors have the tools to identify who are the top core retirement professional US money managers that file audited performance with the SEC and how to access them at the lowest possible cost.

Employers can now provide employees with information and resources they need to make investing decisions based on performance and transparency. Investment options offered through employer plans are limited, may be offered through revenue sharing and not always delivering optimal performance. Certain employers have selected investment options without first analyzing performance of such options.

✓ theTicker provides instant connectivity to a benchmark and tools that remove the barriers that have evolved with the defined contribution plan market. It is a win for the retirement investor, and a win for the corporation that has a fully engaged employee saving for their retirement and empowered to build a greater retirement nest egg.

There are low-fee, actively managed mutual funds that consistently outperform their index and are suitable as core retirement investment options. There are low fee passive funds that file audited performance, whose performance often exceeds their equivalent passive ETF index.

The availability today of online information, investment tools and benchmarks will revolutionize the industry, introducing a new era of both active and passive money managers and allowing the best to rise to the top, to be accessed directly without onerous sales and distribution costs.

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