Welcome to Check The Ticker

Invest in your education to learn how to eliminate redundant intermediaries and go direct to and SEC Audited Money Manager. Avoid Financial Advisor fees altogether.

Welcome to Check The Ticker

Check the Ticker is for every retirement investor. Almost four decades after the launch of 401(k)’s and the move from defined benefit plans to defined contribution plans, retirement investors still lack the road map and hands-on training to manage their retirement savings.

Targeted, hands-on training is mandatory before one can evaluate “advice” by intermediaries.

We quote John Bogle, from a December 2016 “Bloomberg Markets” article, “We are in the Middle of a Revolution”.

"We are in the Middle of a Revolution"

“We are in the Middle of a Revolution”

Mr. Bogle responded in this interview to a question about the proposed DOL fiduciary rule:

“It doesn’t really matter in the long run whether there’s a fiduciary rule or not. With each passing day, shareholders get better educated, and they will move their money to people doing things right and serving them properly and away from people who are doing it wrong. That is crystal clear to me. I think we need the rule, but if the rule goes, we will fall back on the very essence of capitalism.”

With ✓ theTicker, You Know Who Gets It Right

Our eLearning modules are interactive and designed for the very busy retirement investor. Tools, curriculum and The Ticker Checker-Practicum pull it all together in an easy to use format. Time invested in Check the Ticker eLearning process will deliver increased performance, lower expenses and a larger nest egg at retirement.

Financial services firms do not provide “education”. They provide sales ideas, that are in their best interest. Independent training, provided by a professional entity with no association with the financial services industry, is mandatory to permit an informed choice.

Along with the step-by-step eLearning modules, every retirement investor has the data to answer the questions:

  • How do I evaluate passive and active options? Should I use a combination?
  • How do I evaluate if my savings are better off in ETF’s or mutual funds?
  • What are QDIA’s and why do they matter? How do I decide if the QDIA is in my best interest?
  • Target Date Funds are so easy, but are they the best choice?  How do I organize the data to decide?
  • When and why should I use an intermediary for investment selection (Advisor, Broker, CFP)? What are my alternatives to eliminate all the added costs of redundant intermediaries?
  • How do I evaluate the investment selection expertise of the intermediary (Advisor, Broker, CFP, “Robo Advisor” managed account) if I do not have any standardized, audited performance data?
  • How do I evaluate the computer algorithms used to select a portfolio, based on risk tolerance, without any SEC-filed audited performance and five-year history?
  • What does it mean to “go direct” and avoid the broker-dealer for the IRA investor or small business? What are the cost savings and advantages or disadvantages?
  • How can I locate holdings, in a mutual fund or ETF, if I have ESG concerns? What online tools are available in evaluating sustainability success by holdings?

In summary, with data and the targeted curriculum to understand the data, the consumer can see clearly who gets it right. The consumer will move their money away from those that are not properly serving them.

As Mr. Bogle stated, “We are in a revolution.” We are.

Join us in the information revolution that provides the independent curriculum and hard data to know “who gets it right.” Check the Ticker, with our subscribers, is “falling back on the very essence of capitalism” -a consumer who now makes an informed choice.

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