Why Check the Ticker Select Publication Platform?

Mr. Bogle

Why Check the Ticker Select Publication Platform?

Check the Ticker is pleased to announce its new Investor-Centered Select Publication Platform. This publication platform is designed to assist retirement investors in:

  • Understanding why certain mutual funds rise to the top by performance (active and passive) based on SEC filed data.
  • Determining if intermediary advice (advisor/sales personnel) are providing access to top performing mutual funds.
  • Verifying and selecting which companies are consistent with your Environmental, Social or Governance (ESG) Preferences.

Our data-driven approach provides the tools and independent education to ensure every investor has the ability to analyze any mutual fund investment recommendation from an advisor, family member or friend, based on SEC filed performance data.

Check the Ticker Flipped the Classroom

The flipped classroom is an instructional strategy that reverses the traditional learning environment by delivering instructional content outside of the classroom – usually in the form of “homework” – letting each student progress at their own pace, and freeing up classroom time for discussion and debate rather than a teacher driven lecture.

The Select Publication Platform Check the Ticker has created reverses the long-standing investor education approach. Rather than looking at a large number of possible investments – often overwhelming to the individual investor; Check the Ticker identifies top performing funds, using transparent and publicly available SEC disclosure data, so investors can identify the funds they wish to choose and then directly access these investments.

Similar to the classroom teacher who “works a problem backward” to help the student – why not identify the top performing funds first, and then work back to see why these investments have risen to the top.

Now the investor has the tools and incentive to see which investment has the highest growth and if that is important simply purchase that one. However what if dividend yield is important or the underlying holdings matter to the individual – the investor now has the tools to make an informed decision.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Select Publication Platform highlights ESG Integration Funds by Performance

ESG is expanding and Check the Ticker select publication platform is the first to focus on active and passive top performing ESG Integration funds.

The select ESG publication platform, combined with the dedicated ESG module and online tools, provides a critical introduction to all retail investors on ESG selection based on SEC filed data. Check the Ticker believes retirement investors, cumulatively, can be a force in ESG change given almost over $9 trillion dollars are now managed by retail investors.

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